• IT Automation For Business: What You Can And Cannot Do

    There is so much stuff you can buy now that turns your house into a "smart home." What most people do not realize is that this technology can also be used at work. What devices can you use to take your entire building and turn it into a "smart building?" There are some limitations, but as you will see, IT automation services can do a lot with what you have.
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  • Need to Ship a Heavy Package Far? Tips to Choose Between Ground Freight & Air Freight

    If you have a heavy package that you need to ship far away, traditional shipping will not work for a package like this. Fortunately, you have other options, two of which are ground freight and air freight. Below is some information about each of these to help you decide how you want to ship your package. Before you make a choice, however, there are considerations you must make. For example, consider how quick you want the package to arrive and how much you want to pay.
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