IT Automation For Business: What You Can And Cannot Do

Posted on: 27 January 2018

There is so much stuff you can buy now that turns your house into a "smart home." What most people do not realize is that this technology can also be used at work. What devices can you use to take your entire building and turn it into a "smart building?" There are some limitations, but as you will see, IT automation services can do a lot with what you have.

Voice-Activated and Voice-Controlled Environments

Working at a desk all day, you may be too cold in the morning and too hot in the afternoon. As long as there is a general consensus to change the temperature in the room, you can request the digital assistant towers to change the temperature and humidity to make everyone more comfortable. It will require the installation of smart thermostats, but it is rather nice to ask the digital assistant to raise the room temperature two degrees without anyone having to get up, leave the room, and adjust the thermostat.

Timed Computers

If your employees only work a twelve-hour day, you can get automated IT devices that will automatically turn office computers on and off during specific hours of the clock. These devices turn the computers on fifteen minutes or a half hour before the morning shift arrives, and then the devices turn the computers off fifteen minutes after the last person logs out at night. Everything is protected, and nobody can turn the computers back on or log into the office remotely without express permission and a scheduled change in the automatic settings.

Power Conservation Modes

IT automation services can also help you conserve power. Data centers tend to consume a lot of power, given what they do. Special IT services can get your data centers to power down almost completely when the centers are not in use. The only data center that remains up and running is the one that controls what happens with the company website, taking orders, etc. Most companies that have tried this find that the major reduction in power usage saves them hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month.

Intelligent Assembly Machines

There are many AI (artificial intelligence) machines doing the automated jobs that human employees once did. The programming for this automation is written by engineers, but you would not know it by the automated and automatic way the machines operate. Of course, this type of IT automation for business only applies if your company does have an assembly line.


Streamlining Your Company

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