Are You A Company Driver? Two Reasons To Become An Owner-Operator

Posted on: 28 June 2023

Working as a driver for a trucking company comes with its own share of perks. Jobs are assigned to you by the organization so you don't have to necessarily source for work, you may have access to medical benefits and there could even be a retirement plan already laid out for you. However, along with these allowances, there are a few downsides as well. You may not have as much control as you would like because if you don't accept an assignment you could potentially risk losing your job. Also, there is always the potential for micromanagement and the discipline that follows if you are found lacking. When you are ready to parlay your trucking skills into a position that gives you the freedom you've always desired, find out why it's time to switch over to the owner-operator side of the industry.

Create Your Own Schedule

Every trucker is unique so there is truly no one-size-fits-all approach. Your body operates to the beat of its own drum and only you know when you have the ultimate amount of energy to get things done. Your current role may require you to be on the road on days when you aren't truly at your best. Trying to fight against your natural propensities could prove futile if you constantly feel fatigued because you are actually a night owl who would do better with overnight hauls.

The beauty of becoming an owner-operator is that you get to account for your personal circadian rhythms when you pick up various appointments. As an owner-operator, you are able to set your own schedule by only picking up assignments that match your flow. This gives you ultimate independence and contributes to better health and vitality because you are finally going along with the cadence of your physical and mental health.

Write Your Own Paycheck

The financial caps you experience as a company driver may be completely obliterated when you enter the world of the owner-operator. Take on as much or as little work as you desire and set yourself up to obtain the kind of financial success that allows you to sustain your life and enjoy luxuries that may currently be out of reach.

Owner-operator jobs are there for people who are ready to take life by the horns. Start looking into purchasing your own truck and use it to become the leader that you were always born to be. For more information on owner-operator trucking jobs, contact a professional near you.


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