Laser Lipo Answers To Help You Evaluate This Procedure

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Some individuals will simply struggle when it comes to losing weight. For these people, laser lipo treatment is one option that can allow them to get the look they want despite their body's stubborn fat pockets making it harder.

How Do Lasers Help With The Lipo Procedure?

Laser lipo is an extremely effective procedure, but individuals may not realize how the lasers can help to improve the liposuction procedure. During the procedure, the laser will give off a substantial amount of energy, and this can actually destroy the fat cells. This will allow the procedure to be as effective as possible at eliminating stubborn fat that may be giving you problems. In contrast, traditional lipo procedures can still be effective at removing fat, but they will be more likely to leave fat cells behind. This can result in somewhat uneven results in the treated area, which can be very difficult to correct in the future.

What Is The Recovery Like For Laser Lipo Procedures?

Another advantage of using laser lipo for your procedure is that it will also have a relatively short recovery period compared to other types of lipo procedures. Most patients will find that they are able to return to their normal activities within a couple of weeks following this procedure. This is largely a result of the fact that the tool used during laser lipo is relatively small, which can keep the incision site small. While the recovery from this procedure can be easier than other types of lipo, it is still vital to attend follow-up visits to ensure that your recovery is free of complications. These follow-up visits may be needed every week for up to a month, but they will be short as the doctor will only likely only need to ask you a few questions and inspect the surgery site.

How Likely Is The Weight To Return In The Future?

Individuals may assume that the weight that is removed from their lipo procedure will be extremely likely to return in the future. However, it should be noted that fat cells can not regenerate. As a result, the fat that is removed will be permanently gone. While this can avoid situations where a patient gains weight in the area that underwent treatment, they will still need to actively monitor their weight. Otherwise, they may gain weight in other areas of their body. As a result of this reality, this procedure is often the most effective for patients that only have a few isolated fat pockets that they want to be removed.


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