CDB Oil Might Help Your Cat Deal With Anxiety And Joint Pain

Posted on: 12 April 2019

If your cat has medical problems caused by inflammation, such as arthritis, you probably wish there was some way to help without resorting to medications with undesirable side effects. One solution to look into is CBD oil. You can buy CBD oil for cats, so your pet can enjoy some of the same benefits the oil provides you. Here's a look at giving this oil to your cat.

CBD Oil Isn't Psychoactive

If you've taken CDB oil yourself, then you understand its effects and know it doesn't get you high like marijuana that contains THC. CBD oil affects cats in the same way. They might receive anti-inflammatory effects, but they won't become frightened by getting high. CDB oil is concentrated, but it's safe for cats in small doses. This isn't true for marijuana leaves your cat might nibble, because those can be toxic to cats. If you want to try marijuana for its health effects on your cat, then CBD oil is a better option.

CBD Oil Might Help With Anxiety And Inflammation

Many medical problems are caused by inflammation, including bowel conditions, joint pain, and lung diseases. One benefit that is linked to CBD oil is anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation, your cat might feel less pain and become more active and friendly due to feeling better. Cats tend to suffer in silence, so when your cat has arthritis, the pain could be worse than it seems to you. Anything you can do to help your cat without harming them is probably something you want to do. Another common problem with cats is anxiety, especially with stray cats when you're trying to turn them into house cats for their health and safety. For these cats, CBD oil could have a calming effect.

CBD Oil Provides A Natural Treatment Alternative

While using CDB oil in cats and dogs is still fairly new, it is being used safely by some pet owners and holistic vets to treat a variety of ailments with good results as a natural form of treatment. One important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't stop your cat's other medications without talking to your vet first. Your cat's veterinarian may want to monitor your cat so other medications can be stopped or weaned off if they become no longer necessary.

CBD oil may not cure your cat's medical condition, but it could relieve pain and make life more enjoyable for your pet. If you plan to try this oil with your pet, buy CBD oil made for cats from a supplier like United States CBD so the concentration is appropriate and consult the dosing chart on the product that tells you how many drops to give according to your cat's weight.


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