3 Benefits In Using A Local Company For Your Heating Oil Delivery

Posted on: 23 January 2023

Cold, unpredictable winter weather has arrived across the country. The last thing you want to do is run out of heating oil. When you shop for heating oil delivery, you will find local and nationally affiliated companies vying for your business. While most companies may offer many of the same services, they often do not. There are benefits to using a local heating oil delivery company. What are these benefits? Read on for more information. 

1. Emergency Heating Oil Delivery

The number one thing you hope you will never need but want to ensure you have access to is emergency heating oil delivery. Because local companies are a part of the local community, they are much more likely to offer emergency delivery to their surrounding areas.

Emergency delivery guarantees getting your tank filled and your home warmed up as quickly as possible. Other companies may only be able to provide you with delivery when they have a truck in your area. You may have to wait days or longer for this to take place. 

2. Cash-On-Delivery Services

Is your heating oil use sporadic? Do you use more at certain times than you do others? Do you want to avoid locking into a delivery contract that charges you for so many deliveries per season? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for cash-on-delivery (COD) services. 

COD services offer you the ability to order a heating oil delivery when you need it, and they do not lock you into a long-term contract. You simply pay the fuel price on the day you order it. 

Cash-on-delivery is a service most commonly offered by local companies. Local companies allow you to order a certain number of gallons or a complete fill-up. They understand your need to budget your heating money. 

3. Local Customer Service

Local heating oil delivery companies have a local presence. Being a part of the community means you can call or drop by when you need customer service. You may often find yourself speaking with long-time employees who can call you by name and know your specific situation. 

For example, the delivery driver may already know your gate code or have made friends with your dog. 

Not only does local customer service often equate to a higher level of customer care, but it also equates to a higher level of satisfaction with the services you receive. They understand that your business helps keep their business in business. 


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