In Peaceful Waters: Suggestions For A Burial At Sea

Posted on: 26 July 2022

When you've lost someone you love, it's hard to ever imagine truly saying goodbye. While it may be time to give your farewell to their ashes, their stories, memories, and influences they had on your life will continue to live on. Providing a burial at sea is a beautiful way you can honor those who have passed in a peaceful setting. Here are a few ideas you can make your burial service at sea more meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones. 

Setting the Tone

The tone of a burial at sea does not need to be melancholy. While this is certainly a sad time, you can also celebrate their life by including their favorite things in the service. Perhaps your loved one was especially fond of Italian food. Create a menu that is easy to prepare ahead of time and is a favorite of the departed. If your loved one was a huge fan of literature, on the other hand, read a few of their favorite poems while onboard and discuss them afterward. Placing pictures of your loved one around the gathering area will also make for a lovely reminder of the good times they had and how they lived life to the fullest. Above all, work with what brings you the most comfort while also bringing honor to their memory. 

Releasing the Ashes

How you and those close to the departed release their ashes will be a very personal choice. Some prefer to keep the ashes contained in a single urn to be released all at once, while others prefer to split up the ashes. Splitting up the ashes, for example, allows those attending the service to honor the memory of their loved one and how that person touched or transformed their lives. Words of prayer, admiration, or grief can be spoken before the ashes are released to the sea or a favorite song of the loved one can be played. Saying goodbye to the physical form can feel overwhelming and complex, so having a plan beforehand will prove very helpful in this particular stage. 

Honoring Memories

Use the opportunity at sea to share your memories of your loved one with each other. Describe moments that meant the most to you, such as times when they offered you support during a difficult trial or funny stories that will be sure to draw a laugh. Remember that while it's perfectly normal to feel only grief in this moment, it's also about celebrating the life that the departed led. Memory books are a wonderful way for those in attendance to write down memories, prayers, or messages to their loved one. Another option would be writing messages on individual stones given out beforehand. Allow those to write down their messages and keep the stones for their own memories, or allow them to slip into the waters with the ashes. 


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