Why You Should Invest In Real-Time Captioning For Your Next Seminar

Posted on: 8 April 2022

If you are not already utilizing real-time captioning for your seminars, now is a great time to think about doing so. Here are a few important reasons to consider investing in such services:

Attract More Attendees

Featuring real-time captioning at your seminars is an excellent way to attract more attendees and make a bigger profit as time goes on. People with hearing impairments would be much more likely to attend your seminars because they will be able to read what's happening in real-time and they will not miss any important information that is being shared. Those who don't like going to seminars in case they get stuck in the back where they can't hear will no longer have to worry whether they can hear.

Reporters who can help spread the message about your seminars might even be more willing to attend the seminars, because they can have a written record of everything that is said in real-time. Attracting only a few extra people to each of your seminars can help improve your bottom line and ensure your success in the coming months and years.

Enhance Overall Communication

Another good reason to invest in real-time captioning for your seminars is to enhance your ability to effectively communicate with attendees overall. A speaker might say a word that is hard for attendees to understand, in which case they can see the spelling as the captioning is displayed to provide more context. Real-time captioning can also give people an opportunity to catch up on a conversation if they miss a few words due to someone sitting next to them or rustling in the audience.

Utilize the Captioning for Future Speeches and Lectures

You should have a complete copy of the captioning when your seminar events are over, which you can use as reference for future use. For example, you may want to splice together different parts of several speeches that were given at a specific seminar to create a custom lecture for people who want to take a refresher course. In this case, you can use the captioning transcripts to put the custom course together without having to come up with brand new material.

You can also use the captioning to create pamphlets, guides, and other printed materials that can be used as supplemental resources for the people who attend your seminars. This printed material can be taken home and referred back to or shared with friends and family members, which can provide you with some free advertising. Do some more research on real time captioning.


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