The First Thing You Should Do After You Purchase A New Commercial Property

Posted on: 12 November 2021

No matter what size business you have purchased or where you are located there is one service that every new property owner should organize as soon as possible: a commercial asbestos removal. Asbestos is a very dangerous material that has been used in construction for decades upon decades, and has only recently been phased out of most usage in America. Removing the asbestos components from your new business ensures that you can make as many future renovations and updates to the property as you like without endangering anybody. Here is why commercial asbestos removal is such a must-have service for your new property.

You Never Know What Adjustments Have Been Made To The Property

Even if you have the original building plans and can see that no asbestos was used in the initial construction, that does not mean asbestos elements were not added in later. Asbestos is commonly used in insulation, which is a primary addition after the first part of the construction is completed. You simply never know if a building does or doesn't have asbestos unless you test for it, and that is where a commercial asbestos remediation company can come in and help you sort this out quickly.

Testing Is Quick 

A commercial asbestos removal contractor knows how to collect samples from all the areas of your building that could contain asbestos, from the roof to the basement and everything in between. These samples are sent off to a lab that offers asbestos testing. They can deliver results back in a day or so, depending on how busy they are and how many samples you have. There is no way to test for yourself without lab involvement, and collecting samples on your own can lead to tainted results that do not provide an accurate reading. If you want to know whether you have asbestos or not then you need to trust the professionals to do it right.

Asbestos Removal Done Safely

Asbestos is especially dangerous when it is disturbed, which is why you always need to use a commercial service or you could end up injuring yourself. They have all the correct PPE equipment which will prevent these dangerous fibers from invading their lungs and causing cancer, and they know how to bag up and dispose of asbestos as well. It is all well and good knowing you have asbestos, but if you can't safely dispose of it then you are just living around a ticking timebomb, so don't put your and your employees' lives at risk. 

Contact a commercial asbestos removal service for more information. 


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