Recommendations To Select The Right Outdoor Swim Spa For Exercise And Enjoyment

Posted on: 19 July 2021

A swim spa provides you the perfect environment where you can swim outside in warm water no matter the temperature outside. A swim spa environment helps your tired and sore muscles as well as provides a great method of exercise, especially if you want to swim laps but don't have the outdoor space to install a long lap pool. Here are some recommendations for you to consider as you search for the right swim spa for your backyard.

Evaluate the Cost to Run

When you are looking to purchase a swim spa, you will use it because of the warm water that you will swim and exercise in. The warm water promotes relaxation and blood flow through your body, which can be essential if you are trying to ease tense or sore muscles or you want to keep warm in the winter while you swim laps through your swim spa. Therefore, the water in your swim spa will need to be kept at a constant temperature, which the pump and its heater warms.

Find out how energy efficient the swim spa you are considering purchasing is to see if it relies on heat generated by the pump system to warm the water. If this is the case, look for a swim spa that includes insulation around the exterior of the spa to keep the water in the spa warm. There should also be insulation included around the pump and filter. This will heat the water and also utilize the system's heat-generated energy. If you live in a northern climate, this will make a big difference in your swim spa's winter electrical costs. You don't want your swim spa to freeze up on you in the winter or the pump and filter losing their heat to the exterior air when you can allow the spa's water to absorb the heat.

Look For Follow-Up Maintenance

Another important detail with selecting the right swim spa is the type of maintenance and upkeep it will need. There are some swim spa manufacturers that can provide or recommend local service to your swim spa to keep it clean and running well. When your swim spa needs cleaning due to clogged pumps, can you change out the pump filters or clean them when necessary? If you need to buy replacement filters, do you have a close location to purchase them or can you order them online?

You can also find out about swim spa interior vacuum systems that you connect to the filter pump and run them when you are not using the swim spa. This will keep the interior surfaces cleaned of algae and other particles that can build up over time.  


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