Have a Machining Company That Has Machine Rust Problems? Control the Air and Use HVOF Coating Today

Posted on: 11 September 2020

If you run a small company that has machines running to create other parts and components and rust, corrosion and heat are a problem, it is time to make some changes to protect your machines. You want to protect your machines so you are able to keep them running and lower repair costs.

There are different things to do to shield the metal and to eliminate the source of the moisture causing rust and other problems. Look into doing the following so you can stop the moisture problems right away, and to help make the shop and building more comfortable to work in.

Control the Humidity

You want to control the humidity inside the building to prevent rust and corrosion from too much moisture in the air. This means you should put a dehumidification system in the building or consider using the air conditioner more often to control the humidity levels. Talk with a commercial HVAC professional about what can be done and controlling the moisture levels to prevent machine problems.

Use HVOF Coating

HVOF coating is one of the strongest and most durable coating options for your machines and components in the workplace. The benefits include:

  • HVOF is stronger than chrome
  • One of the most cost-efficient options
  • Easy to apply in different settings with heat, acidity, and more
  • Ecologically friendly and meets all industry regulations
  • Different color options

Talk with a company to have the professionals come in and use or teach your staff to use the arc technique to coat the items needed. This will protect the machines and metal components for years to come.

Get quotes for bulk orders and coating supplies if you are going to spray the machines and units on your own. This may be the most economical way to coat all the parts that are coming out of the machines for your customers.

Invest in Cooling Options

Target high-temperature areas in your shop with more fans, cold air options, and air circulation. Make sure that the machines are overheating in these areas because of the temperature, causing condensation and other concerns. You can set up temperature readers that can alert you when the temps in the building are too high, and when the fans or cooling units need to kick in.

Machinery and metal components need to be protected from moisture, and with the HVOF coating and the air quality control options, you can protect your investment. Contact HVOF coating services to learn more. 


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