You Might Need A New Water Well Pump Installed If These Things Are Happening

Posted on: 3 August 2020

When your water well pump needs to be replaced, you don't want to put off having a new one installed. A lot of other things can end up happening, depending on what's going on with the water well pump. When dealing with your water, it's always important to take any issues seriously and to have problems repaired and bad pumps replaced right away. Knowing some things to watch for puts you in the position of knowing when to call to have the water well pump fixed or replaced, and here are things that warrant action: 

Changes in the water pressure that weren't happening before

If your water has always had issues with the water pressure, especially when a number of areas in the home are using the water, then you might just need to have a constant pressure system installed. But if it is a new water pressure issue, then the problem may be an issue with the water volume or even a clogged line. However, the issue might also be something going on with your pump because it needs to be replaced with a new one. 

Sudden scalding water 

The days are gone when you have to worry about someone flushing the toilet or using the cold water when you are taking a shower. This is because there are new systems that make it so you should be able to take your shower without worrying about being burned when someone uses the cold water. So, if you do notice this happening in your home all of a sudden, then have the system looked at because you might need to have your water well pump replaced with a new one.  

Noises in the pressure tank

It's never pleasant to suddenly start hearing noises coming from any system in your home that you haven't heard it making before, and the same is true with the pressure tank for your water well. Know that the pressure tank has a bladder that has air in it and it can leak air. When it leaks the air, this can cause a noise like a repeating click sound. The big problem is this leaking can put a lot of workload on the water well pump, and this can leave you needing to have a new water well pump installed. So, if you hear this kind of sound, have a water well pump contractor come out and have a look.


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