Supporting Women's Empowerment Through A Wearable Art Benefit

Posted on: 14 July 2020

Both statistics and anecdotal evidence show that the world is better when women empowered and supported. Out of the close to 796 million literate people on the planet, close to two-thirds are female. Literacy is a passport to knowledge, information, and communication, which shapes the world and supports the creation of institutions. 

If you have a cause for female empowerment, putting on your own wearable art benefit could be a great idea. Here's what you should know about producing a benefit. 

Consider the value of putting on a wearable art benefit for your cause

The clothing industry is worth $1.9 trillion, and girls and women make up a large portion of this customer base. Producing a wearable art benefit taps into this demographic and leverages this attention in support of a cause. Perhaps there is a particular women's cause or organization you support or maybe want to bring awareness to a particular cause. 

Choose a collection that exudes the purpose of your event and provides inspiration

Showing off fashion pieces that relate to women's empowerment, such as Laura Renee Maier's Wild Woman, can be helpful. Choose a wearable art collection that focuses on the expression of femininity in all of its forms. Look through some portfolios so that you can draw in women of all races, ethnicities, body types, and backgrounds. 

When the fashion pieces you choose have a theme that resonates with people, you'll get more interest and participation. Put some time into working with the right fashion designer for your event since the collection that you choose is such a large piece of the puzzle. 

Produce the show and hire fashion models, set designers, and other professionals

Create an environment for your event that makes people relaxed and inspired. Serving some light hors d'oeuvres or hosting a cocktail hour can really make your benefit an encapsulating experience. You can even get a professional catering service for $7 per person and up. 

Set designers will use color schemes, artistry, and lighting to create the right backdrop for your runway. It will set the overall mood and will spotlight the fashion pieces to make people want to donate. Above all, work with a modeling agency that can staff your event with fashion models. 

Let these tips help you when you're trying to build your wearable art benefit. Consider looking into different collections like Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman collection to get inspired. 


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