How A Storage Unit Is Helpful When You Operate A Food Cart Or Food Truck Business

Posted on: 21 May 2020

When you operate a food truck, you have to keep the truck organized and clean so you have plenty of room to work and so the inside of your truck looks appealing to your customers. Still, you need a lot of supplies, especially if your truck stays busy. A solution is to rent a self-storage unit for your excess inventory so it doesn't take up space in your home and so it's always ready to access when you need it. Here's how a self-storage unit is helpful when you operate a food cart or food truck business.

You Can Order Paper Products In Bulk

You get better prices on things like paper plates, cups, disposable forks, and napkins when you buy them in larger quantities, but it may not be possible to carry more than a few days worth of supplies in your truck. If you have a self-storage unit, you can buy boxes of supplies at a time and have them ready to grab when you need to restock your truck.

This saves you from buying small quantities of plates or cups at the last minute and paying more than you need to. Paper products store nicely in their original boxes as long as you keep the boxes off the floor. You may want to put pallets on the floor of the unit so the cardboard boxes don't draw dampness.

You Can Store Canned And Boxed Food

Talk to the storage facility about what you're allowed to store when it comes to food. You may be able to store food that's in cans, jars, and maybe even boxes as long as they are sealed so they don't attract bugs. You may want to put boxed and sacked food in plastic totes that seal tightly just to make sure bugs and mice stay away. This helps you always have food on hand so you don't run out of anything you need on a busy weekend or lunch hour.

You Can Store Excess Equipment

If you operate a food cart, you might want to keep the cart in the storage unit to protect it from the sun and vandals when it's not in use. If you provide seating beside your truck, you may want to keep tables and chairs in storage for times when you may need them.

You might also want extra equipment, so if an appliance breaks, you'll have another one in storage you can get immediately while you have the broken one repaired or replaced.

You might want the storage unit for long-term storage of things you might need occasionally, such as seasonal equipment and decor for your truck. You can also use the storage unit as a type of office that you use daily to restock your truck or cart so you're always ready to prepare food and serve your loyal customers.

For additional tips, reach out to a company like U-Stor-It.


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