How to Thrive in Your Relationship with a Communications Firm

Posted on: 29 May 2019

Your growing company might be making more sales than you ever expected when you started the business. However, you may wonder whether you could be communicating better with customers or reaching the people you'd most like to be your customers. For that reason, you may consult a communications firm to help you strengthen messaging. What actions would be most beneficial to you as you work with such a company?

Have Goals

As you have your first discussions with communication consultants, it's vital to have a vision in mind. What do you want the firm to help you with? Do you need help with explaining your products? Do you need a re-haul of your marketing materials for a new audience? It's understandable that you'd want the firm to assess your business and offer help for those areas they feel could improve. However, because you know your company, clear goals are important.

Have Clear Expectations

You might expect rapid results from the work you do with a communications firm. However, the results you expect could be unreasonable, depending on the type of work they're doing for you. That's why in your early meetings, you should find out about possible timelines and understand what results are possible.

Be Transparent

Discussing the innermost workings of your company might not be something you want to talk over with communication consultants. You might view it as unrelated or unnecessary. The truth is that the firm, acting as the communication experts, might need more information to effectively communicate with customers. Because they are working on your behalf, communications professionals will not use your data against you. Try to be transparent and honest about how your business works so that the firm can avoid messaging problems.

Ask Questions

You might bristle at some of the recommendations given to you by the communications firm. You may not understand why they're suggesting certain communication methods or why they want to stop campaigns that you thought were smart. Instead of just refusing outright, try to ask questions that will illuminate their position. You might not realize what's motivating their suggestions, but as you hear them explain, you might get a fuller perspective.

Trust the Process

Above all, trusting in the experience of the consultants and the firm will help you achieve better results. Even when results don't seem to be happening, ensure that you're trusting the process and the firm you're working with.

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