Three Ways To Use Signs To Boost Team Spirit

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Whether you're gearing up for homecoming or a big game against your rival school, you may be looking for ways to boost team spirit and get the whole community excited for the event. Using unique signage can help liven the crowd and make the game more exciting. Here are just a few ways to incorporate signs into your school's big game.

Vinyl Banners

Adding vinyl banners to the parking lot, school entrance, and fencing around the football field can show the opposing team just how excited your school is to play. Consider cheerful messages with your team's name and school colors for each banner, and use a different slogan on each one. Challenge the pep club, student council, and cheer team to come up with slogans to promote your school's team spirit on these signs. Be sure that each banner features large text for greater visibility from a distance. You may also want to add the date and time of the game so that people know when to attend.

Fan Cheer Signs

Fan cheer signs can be used throughout the game to give the team some added motivation. Consider the capacity of your gym or football field, and then have signs printed for everyone on the home side of the stadium. Assign student volunteers to pass out the signs as people make their way to the bleachers. This can help prevent giving the opposing side any signs they won't want to use during the game. You may want to provide your cheerleaders with some extra signs so that they can be incorporated into cheer routines throughout the game.

Feather Signs

On the day of the game, use feather signs to build excitement all around the school. You can place these signs near the entrance to the parking lot as well as the gates to your football stadium. If your school has plenty of greenery around the perimeter, consider placing these signs all around the edge of the property. You can have the signs printed with simple messages, such as "Go Team," or you can simply purchase blank signs in your school's colors. No matter which option you choose, these feather signs relay an unmistakable message that something exciting is happening at your school.

Of course, your student body may still want to make some signs by hand. Consider passing out poster board and markers at the next pep rally or assembly in your school. You can hold a contest for the best sign, and you can even incorporate the design into your vinyl banners and cheer signs for a bit of extra fun. Contact a company like Davis Sign Co for more signage ideas.


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