Making Your New Warehouse Safer

Posted on: 19 October 2017

Setting up a warehouse isn't just about the work done inside there; it's also about the safety of the people inside it. With addition of these elements, the entire space should be more secure.

Identification, Proper Use and Safe Disposal of Hazardous Materials

It's reasonable for you to assume that the people you've hired to work in your warehouse clearly understand any hazardous materials that they're working with. However, as the boss, you need to ensure that the materials are identified properly and handled legally. Therefore, as part of your worker training program, show them how these materials should be treated so they always comply with OSHA regulations. Distribute safety data sheets and ensure that supervisors are always monitoring how materials are treated.

Identification of Other Hazards

Hazardous materials aren't the only risks in the warehouse. Proper hazard identification is critical, and having systems in place to do that will increase overall safety. Some identification techniques that are useful include walkarounds of the space, accident analysis and regular assessments of the plans and procedures in place. Once hazards are identified, you can then work with staff to make adjustments.

Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers are sometimes forgotten when setting up a new warehouse. Bear in mind that fires can be a risk even if not expected, and plan accordingly by purchasing extinguishers. Realize that different extinguisher classes exist, and secure the appropriate models for the different spaces in the warehouse. For instance, the office area should have one that is a Class A model formulated for paper and similar materials, while the main work space may have a Class B type made for handling oil, grease and liquid flammable items.

Pay attention to the expiration dates on each of the extinguishers you ultimately get. Once those dates pass, the chemicals aren't as effective; replace them whenever needed.


Periodic drills may seem like a nuisance, particularly if you've trained everyone and trust your people. However, drills can eliminate guesswork and make any accident or disaster less damaging. Whether you schedule them or have surprise drills, going through the actions of solving problems that may occur will help everyone keep relevant information in their minds. Drills can also expose any plan flaws so you can fix them before there's an emergency situation.

With these additions, the space should be much safer for you and everyone involved. Utilize hazard identification systems regularly to find and deal with any observed risks throughout the year. Work with a company, like W C Safety Systems, Inc., for more help.


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