A Look At The Advantages Of Having Credit Card Paper Dispensers In Your Store

Posted on: 9 September 2017

According to surveys performed in 2016, only about 11 percent of 1,000 shoppers who were asked preferred using cash when they paid for a purchase in-store. The majority of the rest of the 1,000 respondents claimed they preferred to use either a credit or debit card. This one little statistic is enough to show you as a store owner how much attention you should give to your credit/debit card processing equipment and supplies. One of the supplies you will use the most is credit card paper, which is loaded into the processing machines or your registers to print receipts. 

Most stores keep a healthy stash of credit card paper on hand, which comes in rolls that tend to get stuffed in drawers or storage bins. Yet, there is a better way of storing these rolls of paper, and that is with credit card paper dispensers. There are three primary advantages of having credit card paper dispensers in your place of business. 

Employees will spend less time refilling credit card paper. 

Easy access to an extra stash of paper rolls will mean employees will not be caught spending a lot of time refilling the printing device in the middle of a transaction just to get a customer a receipt. The dispensers are small and narrow, so they can easily be situated close to the registers where a cashier can grab a new roll and replace the spent one. 

Credit card paper will be better protected. 

Most credit card paper is actually thermal paper, which means printing occurs through heat exposure that causes a chemical reaction in the paper. Unfortunately, this highly technical composition means that discoloration of the paper can happen if the rolls of paper are mishandled or stored in the wrong place. With credit card paper dispensers, the rolls will be kept in a protected case where these problems will be less likely to happen. 

Easily keep tabs on how much paper you have on hand. 

Credit card paper dispensers can hold varying numbers of paper rolls depending on their size and design. However, all of them tend to have a viewfinder or slit in the outer case so you can easily see how many rolls are left inside of the dispenser. Therefore, it will be easy to keep tabs on how many rolls you have left in the store so you can reorder stock as it becomes low. 

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