Four Possible Creative Uses Of Colored Shipping Tubes For Your Business

Posted on: 6 September 2017

If your business sells products that are shipped, packaged or stored in tubes, you should consider the benefits of using colored shipping tubes. There are many creative ways to use these tubes that can give a company certain advantages. The following are only a few of them.

Colored tubes can be used as shipping codes

These tubes are often used for shipping, and you are likely already using one or more sizes for this purpose. But once you begin using them in colors, you can code packages by the carrier and shipping speed. Perhaps products used for expedited delivery can be packed in one color while standard shipping speed in another color. Products that are being shipped to a foreign destination can be a third color. Or you can divide them up by color depending upon the carrier you are shipping the packages with. This type of color coding can reduce the number of mistakes made by your shipping department, especially when you are shipping many packages in a typical day.

Storing inventory

If you have several products that are shipped in tubes, you can go ahead and prepack them. Using colored tubes, you can make sure certain products are quickly identified by the color of the tube that they are packed in. Once the prepackaged product is taken from inventory, it is only a matter of attaching an address label, and you are ready for pickup

Retail packaging

Depending upon the nature of your product, it may be possible to use this type of tubing for retail packaging. Each product is packaged in a particular color, so customers will associate the product they desire with a particular color. The products, after being packaged, will be shipped in bulk to distributors and retailers to be sold individually. Associating products by color is a powerful part of marketing and has been used effectively by many companies in the past and in the present.

Colored tubes for branding

If you have a certain color that is associated with your company, shipping product in tubes with that color will help to increase the impression of your brand on customers. Colored tubes will already catch the attention of a customer when they receive the package. It is only a matter of matching the color to your business.

Colored tubes are not just for shipping. The list of possible uses is varied and are not limited to the four listed above. You may find that there is another use that is particular to your business.


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