Children Old Enough To Stay Home Alone? Tips To Keep Them Protected

Posted on: 1 September 2017

If your children are old enough to stay home alone you likely still worry about them. If so, you can feel better and ease your stress by installing a security system. You can also have your children carry a personal alarm with them for added protection. Below are some tips on how to start using these things so your kids will be well protected:

Security System

There are different types of security systems you can purchase.You can secure every door and window in your home if you prefer. This is a good option because anywhere a thief breaks in, the alarm will sound.

There are security alarms that are connected to your landline phone. This works great but an intruder could easily cut the phone line. You can also use wireless alarms. A control center is installed in your home that has a wireless signal. This allows you to use your smartphone to contact authorities. With a wireless system, you can also see your kids at home while you are at work or away from home if you have a camera set up inside your home.

If the security system goes off, the authorities will automatically be alerted.

You can install security cameras outside so your children can see who is knocking at the door before they open it. Motion security lights also work great. Chances are if everything lights up when an intruder walks up to your home this will deter them from breaking in.

Personal Alarm

Besides installing a security alarm, purchase personal alarms for your children. These alarms are small enough for them to easily carry in their pocket or bag.  These work well if your children are away from home and get scared by someone. They can activate the alarm and a very loud sound will go off. They should also carry this alarm with them if they go outside to play while you are away.

There are different types of personal alarms. With one type, a pin is removed and the alarm will go off. Another type is simply pressing a button to sound the alarm. This type may be best for your children as they could set it off much quicker.

Make sure you tell your children to not hold the alarm up to their ears as the sound is loud enough that it could damage their hearing.

The security company can go over this information with you in much more detail to help you get everything installed in your home. They can also help you purchase personal alarms and may even sell them.

Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 


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