Mechanical Tips For Those Interested In Becoming Baseball Umpires

Posted on: 30 December 2020

If you're a baseball fan but can no longer play, one way to still get involved is to become an umpire. They officiate all of the calls. Getting in on this gig will go much more smoothly if you're aware of these mechanical tips. 

Spend Time Figuring Out Ideal Positions

Being an umpire sometimes comes down to being in the right position to make a call, whether you're deciding if a pitch was a strike or ball or looking to see if a runner was safe or out. Before you can make these type of calls, you need to know where you body and head should be positioned at all times. Practice getting into these correct stances based on the action that's currently going on. Then you'll decrease your odds of missing important calls and can better officiate baseball games.

Master Hand Gestures

In order to effectively call and officiate a baseball game, you need to know all of the hand gestures involved. They're instrumental in helping players understand the call at the time and moving the baseball game along as it's intended to be played. Spend time mastering these hand gestures before calling your first game. Looking at yourself in a mirror can help ensure you're performing them correctly. Then once you've had enough practice, you can perform them with confidence and ensure there isn't any confusion out on the field about what your call was.

Be Patient

One of the worst things an umpire could do when making a call is rush through it. That could end up causing you to go the wrong way, and then you'll be left trying to make up for this bad call and that can be a negative too. You don't want this type of pressure, so as a precaution, always be patient when making a call. This is particularly important when the call has a lot of gravity. Give yourself plenty of time to think about what you saw and the evidence supporting your decision one way or another. A calculated approach to making calls will improve your odds of being in the right most of the time.

Umpires have an important position in baseball games. If you think you have what it takes to become one and want to be successful from the very beginning, take your time mastering certain mechanics that this position calls for. Then you'll be better at this job and players and coaches will appreciate the services you provide. Learn more about the mechanics of plate umpire


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