Three Mistakes That Can Sink Your Resume

Posted on: 17 September 2017

When you submit your resume for a job, the hiring manager may only scan it for a handful of seconds before deciding whether you discard it or read it in more detail. To give yourself the best chance of getting called for an interview, you'll need to avoid the pitfalls that can sabotage an otherwise solid resume. The obvious mistakes to avoid are typos and formatting errors, but even if the resume is devoid of such issues, other problems can send your document to the "discard" pile quickly. Here are three mistakes that you should avoid making on your resume.

Not Tailoring It For The Position

A hiring manager wants to know exactly how well suited you are for the position in question, which is why you need to tailor your resume to the position for which you're applying. People commonly make the mistake of sending out generic resumes — which will often yield the generic response of having the resume discarded. If a hiring manager sees several skills and attributes on your resume that aren't remotely applicable to the position in question, you won't likely get called for an interview.

Failing To List Accomplishments

Another common mistake people make on their resume occurs in the document's job experience section. This error entails listing the job title, company, and a brief description of what the position entailed — but not mentioning any accomplishments. Simply repeating the basics of the job description won't stand out. A hiring manager wants to see how you excelled in each of the positions you've held. While listing your daily responsibilities is important, you should also mention any recognition or awards you received. For example, you might write that you were a three-time employee of the month honoree in just a 10-month span because of the professional manner in which you engaged with customers.

Writing Too Long

It's easy to be tempted to make your resume a lengthy document — after all, the more space you devote to describing your attributes, the more desirable you can theoretically seem to a hiring manager. The concern with this approach, however, is that the average manager isn't going to scan through multiple pages of your resume. For most positions, one or two pages will suffice. You only want to go beyond this guideline if you're applying for a high-up position and you need to demonstrate a wide range of experience. Need help staying away from these and other resume mistakes? Hire a resume service, such as JWC Professional Resume Services, to write the document for you.


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